Coach Jack

Equipment Manager & Lead Coach

Growing up as an only child, playing sports was the only thing that I truly enjoyed. This passion of mine was not always encouraged or supported, but I continued to find ways to explore the world of sports.

The idea of becoming a coach came to my mind even when I was in high school. I felt that having a positive influence on others would give me energy and mean a lot to kids who might have been discouraged from discovering the world of sports. Being a Sportball coach has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream job and build it up as a rewarding career. By being a coach, I also get a lot more chances to interact with people and become more involved in my own community.

Favourite Sport(s):
Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton & Baseball!
Favourite Quote:
It's not about the shoes, it's about what you do in them." - Michael Jordan
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