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The Heart of Sportball


Speed Pass Program: These Multi-Sport classes will be taking place in January. Sign up and attend Saturday and Sunday classes!

Private Bubble Program: This is a great way to keep active and socialized in the safety of your own social circle. Book a Sportball Coach and Gym space for 1-hour for $180. The program price will increase or decrease per child depending on the number of children registered. For example, with 8 children attending (the maximum allowed), the cost per child is $22.50 before tax. Contact us for your preferred time and day. Taking Bookings from January onwards.

Multi-Sport: Multi-Sport classes are well-rounded and provide an amazing foundation for a lifetime of active living bundling soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, golf and tennis into one comprehensive package. We are running two mini-Winter sessions; Feb-March / March-April.

Sportball Centre Thornhill