Sportball Calgary Satisfaction Guarantee

The Policy

At Sportball Calgary, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. If you are not satisfied with your Sportball Calgary experience after the 3rd session, then you can request a refund for future sessions.

The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions Why?
1 A refund can only be requested after attending a minimum of 3 sessions Sometimes kids take some time to warm up to a group activity like Sportball. It’s important to give each kid a chance to explore a program like Sportball at their own pace
2 A refund can only be requested once per customer This reduces the probability that customers will try and take advantage of this policy
3 Merchandise fees, including shipping & handling, are not refundable Used merchandise cannot be returned.
4 Refunds will be provided for the value of any sessions that are scheduled to take place after the date when the refund is requested. We incur costs to run Sportball sessions, and we think that it is fair that we are paid for any sessions that a customer has participated in
5 This policy only applies to Sportball events in Calgary Sportball Calgary is locally owned and operated, and different Sportball locations have different refund policies
6 Refund requests are processed within 10 business days Sometimes we are busy, and it takes a bit longer than usual to process a refund
7 Refunds must be requested by email So that we have a record of the refund request
8 This policy does not apply to any Sportball programs booked with third parties This policy only applies to programs that we coordinate. If your program was booked with a third party, then their policies will be in effect.


Please email any questions, or to request a refund, to