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Summer 2023 Outdoor Programs

Summer Program – Arrival

We are excited to kick off the outdoor summer Sportball program season beginning Monday, July 3rd.

This content may be lengthy, but please take the time to read it thoroughly.

All outdoor programs take place at green spaces (parks, sport fields or baseball diamonds) or tennis courts.  If you are unsure where the actual location of your program might be, we recommend visiting our website here, Register Now – Sportball Nova Scotia, and review all the locations, addresses and map locations.

At all outdoor locations, we recommend arriving early enough to allow your child to adjust to the environment, they may feel a sense of anxiety for the first few weeks as they become comfortable.

For Parent & Child programs (ages 16 mos-3 years), each child registered in the program is to be accompanied by and participate with an adult throughout the 45 minute program.

For drop off format soccer or soccer/t-ball programs, ages 3+, children participate in the classes independently.  A parent or caregiver must remain at the field in the designated fan zone for the duration of the program.  You will be your childs personal cheer squad, you will hold their water bottle and ball when not in use throughout the program.

For Soccer & T-Ball programs, you can expect to do soccer for the first 4 classes, and T-Ball for the last 4 classes.  You will need a baseball glove by the first week of August.  If you do not already have a glove, consider purchasing one soon, supplies tend to dwindle as the summer progresses.  Generally speaking, children 2-10 years require an 8 to10 inch glove and can be purchased very reasonably from any sporting goods supplier.

For Tennis, children may use their own racquet, or Coaches will provide everyone with a racquet for use during the program.  A parent or caregiver must also remain at the outdoor programming space for emergencies or washroom breaks.

We, of course, encourage spectators to cheer on your child at all Sportball programs, so bring the family.

Children’s Apparel

For most outdoor programs, there is no special equipment or clothing needed with the exception of traditional athletic clothing and suitable footwear, no cleats or shin guards are required for soccer.  Each registered participant in an outdoor Soccer or Soccer/T-Ball program will receive a Sportball branded soccer ball and jersey included in the cost of your registration.  For T-Ball programs, a ball glove is required and not supplied, available at most toy or sporting goods stores at very reasonable prices.

Advance Equipment Pick Up Dates 

Some Sportball programs provide specific equipment which was included in your purchase price.  In an effort to reduce the administrative burden on the first day of your program so we can focus on your childs class, we encourage you to attend one of the advance pick up dates below. Please note, there are limited sizes for each age group, so we recommend securing yours in advance if possible.  If you are unable to attend any of these dates, we will have your equipment at your first class.  You may attend any of these pick up dates despite the area your program is taking place.

Soccer/T-Ball – Soccer ball, jersey and socks

T-Ball Only – Baseball hat, jersey and equipment bag (DJ Butler Park Location)

Tennis – Baseball hat, jersey and equipment bag (Westmount, Larry O’Connell, Eisenhauer Locations)

FitKids – Baseball hat, jersey and equipment bag (Flinn Park Location)

Here is the schedule of advance pick up dates

Halifax AreaIsleville Centre, 3460 Isleville St., Tuesday, June 27th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Dartmouth AreaFindlay Community Centre, 26 Elliot St., Wednesday, June 28th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Bedford/Hammonds Plains AreaBedford Hammonds Plains Community Centre, 202 Innovation Dr., Thursday, June 29th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm

No additional equipment is required or received for multi-sport programs.

  Inclement Weather Alerts

Sportball is committed to delivering the highest quality sports instruction program in Canada, with professional coaching and an educationally based curriculum. The sports we teach are considered all-weather sports, and therefore are always present for each class in most weather conditions.  Should the weather create an unsafe condition on any Sportball day, we will post any cancellation notices on our Facebook/Instagram pages,  Links to all our social feeds are located below.  If weather conditions change during your program, onsite coaches will make local decisions in consultation with families to suspend or cancel the program.  Unsafe conditions, such as lightning, coaches will immediately suspend the program and make further decisions as required.  Here is a link to Sportball policies, including weather disruptions.  If you are registered through Halifax Recreation, please refer to HRM policies.

Summer Programming Locations – Parking

Hawthorne Elementary School Ball Diamond, on street parking near the school
Cole Harbour Commons, parking in the back lot of Cole Harbour Place, down the hill to the field
Hammonds Plains Consolidated School Field, parking behind the school next to the playground
Westmount Tennis Courts, & Westmount Elementary School Field, parking at the school or playground
Basinview Elementary School Field, field parking lot beside the field, enter behind the school
Halifax South Commons Sport Field #16, parking at Citadel Community Centre or on street at Trollope St
Tyler Sampson Park, on street parking at the park
DJ Butler Park, on street parking on Flamingo, or on street at Nightingale Dr.
Isleville Park, on street parking on Isleville or surrounding
Flinn Park, on street parking on Flinn or surrounding
Isleville Park, parking on Isleville or surrounding
Horizon Community Centre, school/centre parking lot, or drive around the school to back where the field is located
Eisenhauer Tennis Courts, parking lot available
Larry O’Connell Tennis Courts, on street parking at Fourth St. or surrounding
Isleville Park, parking on Isleville or surrounding
Conrose Park, on street parking surrounding
Prospect Road Elementary School Field, parking at the school lot

Sportball Policies


  • It is the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary emergency information such as medical and/or additional needs, has been disclosed at the time of registration. We encourage parents to speak with Coaches on the first day of the program.
  • If you have a credit on account, this can be used towards the purchase of any in person program
  • N.S.F. cheques are subject to a $35.00 service charge.
  • Sportball and its franchisees can collect, use, disclose and store personal information as set out in their Privacy Policy, as set out below.
  • I hereby indemnify and save harmless Sportball Ltd, its officers, directors, shareholders, coaches and other employees from all claims, demands, losses, actions, suits, proceedings and costs whatsoever that may be made against any of them arising out of participation in a Sportball program, special event or party and the use of a Sportball facility or other location.

Refund Policy:

  • For an Indoor or Outdoor in PERSON program, refunds apply when a de-registration is requested in writing more than 4 weeks prior to the start of any season.
  • A $25.00 administration fee will be applied to each session withdrawn by the registrant. Any camp (or clinic) week or day is regarded as one session.
  • Refunds will not be provided for a Private, a Virtual Live or Pre-Recorded Program.
  • Refunds will not be provided for Drop-In programs or for programs that are a one-time occurrence.
  • Refunds are not be provided if programs are cancelled or delayed due to a pandemic. However, a credit will be applied to your Account, which can be used towards the purchase of any in-person program.
  • Should Sportball find it necessary to de-register a child, a refund will be issued after deduction for classes already attended.

Make-Up Classes & Cancellations:

  • Make-up classes are not offered if Sportball cancels the class due to extreme or unsafe weather conditions.
  • For Outdoor programs, our coaches are on the field and run rain or shine. In the case of severe weather conditions (i.e. lightning, high winds etc.), Coaches will decide if it is safe to run at the time of your program.
  • Sportball reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Upon cancellation, a full refund will be made within 10 business days. In the event of a program cancellation, our office will contact you within the week prior to your program start date.

Arrival & Dismissal Policy:

  • Parents/Caregivers must sign children in and out of programs*. No child can be left unattended before class!
  • *After-school programs are sign-out only
  • If your child is to be picked up by someone other than a Parent/Caregiver, you must provide a note to your child’s Coach. Children will not be released to anyone unknown to the Sportball Coach.

Transfer Policy:

  • Transfers may be accommodated within the same season registered, subject to approval, unless you are registered at a Community Centre or School. Transfers cannot be made between Indoor programs and Outdoor Soccer programs or Camps.
  • Sportball does not recommend transfers once a season has begun as children take time to settle into the new routine of a structured program. Transfers will not be accommodated in programs if requests are received less than 1 week prior to a program starting where 5 or less children are enrolled.

Privacy Policy:

  • Sportball Head Office and its franchisees collect information to provide the best and most appropriate care for its registrants.
  • All personal family information is processed and stored in a secure database with access controls.
  • Sportball Head Office and its franchisees use this data for statistical analysis to develop future programs.
  • Sportball Head Office and its franchisees do not sell or rent your family information to any person or organization. Information is only given to those directly involved in providing a service to your child, or as required by law.
  • Sportball Head Office and its franchisees retain your contact information to communicate with you if we have new information that may be of interest to you. To opt-out of marketing messages, please contact the local Sportball office using the email address at the foot of this page.
  • To learn more about our privacy policy, please visit or contact our Head Office at our toll- free number 1.877.678.5437.

Pandemic Protocols:

  • Effective March 21, 2022, the parent/caregiver agrees to wear a face mask when participating in an indoor Sportball program if required by the location where the program is held. Sportball is required to follow the policies of each program partner. Please refer to your welcome letter for a current list of locations that require masks.
  • Masks are recommended if you are feeling ill.

Program-Specific Requirements:

  • For Drop Off and parent participation programs, please provide your child with a drink in a non-breakable, easy to open container, as there will be a short drink break.
  • For Indoor Programs, no street shoes or boots will be allowed in the playing area. Children must wear non-marking shoes.
  • Ball Hockey Just the Game programs: For Ball Hockey Just the Game programs, parents must provide their own Hockey Helmet with cage (CSA approved), Hockey Stick, Shin & Elbow Pads, and Hockey Gloves.
  • Parents must provide a Baseball Glove for any Outdoor T-Ball or Soccer & T-Ball program

Program Safety:

  • For the safety of all children with allergies, no food can be brought to any Sportball location. Only nut-free snacks are permitted at our Camps.
  • If your child requires special assistance due to an allergy, written permission and clear directions are required by the parent/guardian.
  • Sportball programs run in the RAIN & HEAT. The decision to cancel will be made at the field with your coach if conditions are unsafe to play.

Safety at Outdoor Programs:

  • Parents are required to always remain with their children at the field or park. If you have more than one child registered at the same time in a different group, each child must be supervised by an adult.
  • In the event of a pandemic only one parent or caregiver is permitted to accompany their child.
  • Family members and siblings must be at least 10 metres away from the play space.
  • If children are not registered, they may not play or participate on the field.

Sportball at Home (Virtual Portal):

ZOOM Classes:

  • If you or your child have any medical conditions that may be affected by physical activity, you must consult your Physician for approval before participating in Sportball ZOOM programs.
  • To ensure safety during participation, you are responsible for supervising and assisting your child. Before starting any Sportball ZOOM program, you must ensure that the playing area is clear of furniture and other objects to protect your child during the class.

Private Programs:

  • If a Private Program is held in a public outdoor space, we require that each child has a parent/caregiver present.
  • A mandatory parent volunteer is required to remain at the program and assist the coach with procedures such as drop off and pick up. This ensures that health safety guidelines are followed and helps with washroom breaks.

Parent Participation Week:

  • Drop Off Programs: We encourage parent/caregivers to attend our Parent Participation Week, held once each session.
  • Parent Participation Programs (e.g. Parent & Child, Me & My Dad): Only one parent or caregiver per child is permitted. Newborns, toddlers and older siblings not registered in classes cannot accompany parents and siblings in the program.

Filming, Photography and Privacy during Programs:

  • Parent/caregivers are welcome to use still photography to capture their child’s Sportball experience. We ask that no photos or videos are taken during our programs that may include other children without their parents’ knowledge or consent.
  • This filming/photography policy may not be applicable, if the Sportball program is hosted at a community centre or private location.
  • The parent/caregiver consents to the use by Sportball of the participant’s likeness (photographs, video) for promotional purposes.

Camps & Clinics (Holiday Season, Winter, Spring Break):

  • Each child must bring a small nut-free snack as well as a drink in a non-breakable container for snack time.
  • Children are not permitted to share food