Try a Class

If you are not familiar with Sportball, a try out class will provide you with the perfect opportunity to make an educated choice for your child.

Sportball kids are kept moving and engaged, learning a new skill each class. Our methodology is aligned to the age and development of each child and skills are taught in a creative, age-appropriate and fun way.

Please submit the filled in form to us and we will contact you! (To help us out, please look at the location/class you would like to try by selecting the correct city in the top right hand corner.

    • MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
    • Morning 8am - 12pmAfternoon 12pm - 4pmEvening 4pm - 8pm

    Will the Coach know that I am attending the Class?

    Yes, the coach will be expecting you once you have registered for a try out.

    What do I need to bring with?

    A water bottle for our mini water break during class

    Does my child need any special equipment?

    1. Multi-Sport: Your child needs to wear comfortable gym clothing and indoor running shoes
    2. Baseball: Your child will need to bring a baseball glove
    3. Soccer: Your child will be loaned a soccer ball for the class

    What if I want to register into the program?

    Please register online into the program of your choice. Your fee will automatically be prorated for the remainder of the season, if there is still availability.

    What if my child does not settle?

    It is common for some young children to take longer than 1 class to settle into the program. Please be patient, children who are at first hesitant, often become our most enthusiastic Sportballers.