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Power of parent and child programs:

Sportball parented classes for children 16mos to 3 years of age, are structured around a play-based curriculum. Classes are taught through imaginative storylines and age appropriate language that kids can understand and respond to. Our parented programs integrate sport & social skills development through activities that feel just like daily play. In addition to parents and kids being active together in class, parents also come away from our programs inspired and full of ideas that can be used at home to form the foundation of a shared active lifestyle with their growing athletes.

Why is Multi-sport the new sport:

Research has shown that kids who play multiple sports through childhood will stay active longer and are more likely to find success later in competitive sports. At Sportball, Multi-Sport classes provide an amazing foundation for a lifetime of active living. Sportball kids are kept moving and engaged, learning a new skill from a different sport each class. We bundle 8 sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, golf and tennis into one registration. By introducing your child to a variety of sports, they will have the opportunity to find out which one feels right for specialization in later years.

Why our soccer is the best start for your child:

Sportball soccer programs begin when children are 2 years old and continue until they are ready to enter leagues. Classes are packed with high-energy fun, using imaginative coaching techniques and a continuous flow of drills and games to keep things rolling along. Kids are challenged to develop and improve skills such as passing, throw-ins, dribbling and goalie skills, without being discouraged by the demands of competition or differing levels of natural ability. We introduce the simple rules of fair play and the ethics of sport so that kids can have fun and feel safe while they learn to play soccer.

How our T-Ball & Baseball programs set your child up for success:

The demands and rules of a full-size baseball game are often beyond what a small child can succeed and this version of baseball is simply no fun for children. At Sportball, we focus on learning baseball skills such as throwing, catching, batting, running bases and fielding before playing an actual game. Children that master the “T” are given the opportunity to have the ball pitched to them. This allows kids to feel success early on and progress naturally at their own pace. Incredibly, children as young as 2 years old can start launching their Baseball dreams at Sportball and maybe even some home runs too!

Why book your birthday party with us!

Everybody wins when our coaches throw a party! An hour of active fun coach-led activities concludes with birthday celebration excitement. All equipment and invitations are included.

We coach with Purpose! What does this mean?

Every Sportball class is coached with purpose. Our program structure and skills may seem uncomplicated to the untrained eye. This is all done by design. We strive for approachability and aim to remove as many barriers as possible between our participants and achieving a successful learning outcome. Every instruction, skill, game and activity ties directly to our methodology and has a purpose and an expected outcome.

How do we certify our coaches:

Our Coaches are a professional group, they bring a variety of unique skills & life experiences to their leadership roles at Sportball.  Above all else, it’s their passion to make a difference in the life of a child that defines them. Our thorough certification process places coaches on a continuous learning track. After completing our mentorship program, coaches continue to participate in workshops, skill updates and evaluations throughout the year.

Sportball Kit:

Certain Sportball franchise locations provide a kit for Soccer and T-Ball programs. The kit may include a Soccer ball, jersey and socks or a T-Ball jersey. Please note that all children playing T-Ball are required to provide their own glove. Contact your local office for further details.