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At Sportball, the health and well-being of our children and families will always be our number one priority. COVID-19 has presented new challenges, however, we remain committed to ensuring that our programs are SAFE. We will always ensure that we follow best practices and that we listen, understand, learn and are BRAVE together!

Public health officials continue to provide best practices to ensure our health and safety.
As such, we have undertaken to update and improve all safety protocols and procedures associated with the delivery of Sportball programs. We will continue to adjust and follow best practices as more information becomes available to us.

We ask that you read through the following information so that you are aware of the steps we are taking to ensure the safety and health of our Sportball community as we return to play.

Mask Wearing

  • All Sportball Coaches, whether indoors or outdoors, will be wearing facemasks. When outdoors and at a distance, Coaches will remove their masks.
  • All adults participating in indoor and outdoor programs must wear a facemask during the program and when in any public common space. If an adult is outdoors and at a distance from others, they may remove their masks.
  • All children in our indoor Parent participation classes that are under the age of 3yrs are not required to wear a mask.
  • All children in our indoor Drop Off programs need to wear a mask at all times.
  • All children in our Outdoor Drop Off programs are not required to wear a facemask, however it is highly recommended.

Parents & Caregivers

We ask that our Sportball parents and caregivers support us in our efforts to keep children safe.  Before attending each Sportball class, parents must complete the parent waiver, that includes a health-screening questionnaire for parents and children participating.

  • For Outdoor programs: When attending Sportball programs, we ask that ONLY one designated caregiver be present for the duration of the class to support your child when necessary. Please follow the instruction of your coach to understand where you are to sit during program time.
  • Use the washroom before attending your Sportball program as facilities may not be accessible at your program location.
  • Ensure that your children have washed their hands before participation. Please provide your own hand sanitizer. We do not know what allergies children may have.
  • Please always maintain two metres of social distance when visiting or attending Sportball programs. This is particularly important during arrival and dismissal.
  • If your children exhibit any symptoms of illness, please refrain from attending programs.
  • Review your community policies regarding health, safety, and PPE (i.e. face masks) and prepare accordingly.

Sportball Coaches

All coaches returning to Sportball must complete a training course, reviewing best practices and new protocols for health and safety as outlined by Public health officials and the Sportball Training Team.

  • Coaches are expected to monitor their health for any Covid-19 symptoms and complete a health-screening questionnaire before coaching programs.
  • We will continue to follow regulations and best practices when coaching/teaching young children during recreational activity INDOORS. .
  • Before each class, coaches will review safety rules with children and will demonstrate how to create a safe distance during practice and play.
  • Rules will be presented in a developmentally appropriate way so that children are not afraid and are able to understand best practices expected at Sportball.

Program Delivery & Equipment

  • Hoops/cones/field paint or markers will be used to ensure children are appropriately distanced (2m) during instruction & skill practice time.
  • Parent volunteers or teachers will be asked to support their children if required in a program.
  • Class ratios will respect the indoor/outdoor social gathering guidelines provided by public health.
  • Where equipment kits are not included in program fees, children will be given their own equipment to use throughout each class. (It is our goal moving forward for each child to have their own kit.)
  • Sportball coaches will be responsible for distributing and collecting equipment throughout the class.
  • Skills and games have been modified to maximize participant safety and to promote social distancing.
  • We coach very young children and establishing a two-metre distance will thus not always be possible.
  • Coaches will collect and sanitize Sportball provided equipment after each use.

We believe that our collective effort and commitment to these safety standards and practices will ensure that Sportball programs continue to be safe, fun, and enjoyable for all of us!

Welcome home Sportball families, welcome home!