Meet Our Coaches

The Sportball team are like a family. We spread more smiles per square mile than anyone around, united in the belief that every kid deserves to play, laugh and develop a life-long love of movement and sport. Here are some of the friendly faces that make up our Sportball family in your neighbourhood once you select the city in which you wish to register!
  • Coach Luke

    Director and Master Coach

  • Coach Tad

    Team Captain and Master Coach

  • Epharh (FF)


  • Coach Mase

    Senior Lead

  • Coach Amanda

    Lead Coach

  • Coach Rachel

    Senior Lead

  • Coach Alex

  • Coach Luci

  • Coach Danielle

    Lead Coach

  • Coach Meggan


  • Coach Aliza

  • Coach Tony

  • Coach Isaac

  • Coach Jules

  • Coach Brett

  • Coach Fab

    Lead Coach

  • Coach Trinity

    Lead Coach

  • Coach Shawna

    Master Coach

  • Coach Ellie

  • Coach Carter

  • Coach Brayden


  • Coach Cole

  • Coach Kiera

  • Coach Mack

  • Coach Nate

  • Coach Bryce

  • Coach Nicholas