Summer Camps

Sportball camps will be the highlight of your Sportballer's summer. A day at Sportball camp is filled with amazing sports games, making new friends, and incredible theme based activities that will create memories that will last a lifetime! Camps also have before and after care to accommodate our working parents. Check out all of our different camp themes below!

Epic Camp (6-9yrs)

Epic Camp is a partnership camp run by Sportball at your local YMCA.  This full-day camp is specifically for 6–9yr old Sportballers, and it’s going to be sweet!  Sportballers will learn nine different sports throughout the week.  Your Sportballer will be talking about Epic Time (hosted daily) for the rest of the summer, with water gun fights, sweet science experiments, amazing art challenges, dodgeball tournaments, Lego building, Nerf Gun challenges, and much more.  This camp is such fun that kids won’t even realize that they’re also improving their sports skills!

Sportball Geek Week (6–9yrs)

At Sportball we do not see the word Geek as a negative. A Geek to us is someone who embraces their imagination, has the courage to explore the unknown and who is always ready to discover a new adventure! Here are some of the highlights of what will take place during Geek Week: Epic Theme Days, Crazy Science Experiments, Nerf Gun adventures, Team Challenges, Lego Building, Live Action Role Play and of course getting active by learning 9 different sports. Geek week is a great way for your child to get active, engage their imagination, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sportball Einstein’s Athletes (6-9 yrs)

Sports and Science have come together into one amazing camp. Einstein’s Athletes will get kids moving, making new friends, working on incredible science projects and watching some EPIC Science experiments. Einstein’s Athletes is a great way to develop both the mind and body of an active and curious child. Science + Activity = Awesome!

Sportball & Flag Football (9-12yrs)

Down, Set, Hut! Sportball Flag Football camp is here and ready to get your athlete prepared for the gridiron. By the end of Flag Football week your child will learn how to throw and catch a football, run great routes, play incredible defence, perform many scrimmages and of course, learn how to perform an epic end zone dance. When we aren’t playing football, we will rock their world with some incredible games, play some new sports and experience some impressive activities.

Sportball – Game Masters (6–9yrs)

Who is ready to enter a week of gamers’ utopia? Game Masters is a great way for your child to get active, learn new sports, engage their imagination, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The week will be filled with fantasy, sports, and gaming of all sorts! From team strategy to live action role play, kids will be able to divide and conquer while facing challenges throughout the week to test their courage to explore the unknown!  Kids will get to ‘game’ in a variety of exciting and creative ways. Gaming can be more than just on your TV, we want to show these campers the possibilities!  At this camp kids do not swim.