Why Sportball Soccer is the Best Start for your Child!

Soccer has grown in popularity to become one of the most widely played and followed sports in Canada, and around the world. Many sports require expensive registration fees, specialized equipment, and training to take-up. However, recreational soccer is often a desirable first choice for families with young children because it is accessible, can be practiced on a variety of playing surfaces, and only requires two willing players and a ball. While soccer is one of the eight sports included in Sportball’s signature Multi-Sport program, year-round soccer-specific classes are also offered at Sportball for children who wish to focus solely on soccer. In contrast to other soccer programs running in the community, Sportball Soccer is the best start for your child because it offers:

  1. Transferrable Fitness and Sport Skills
  2. Progressive Skill Development Opportunities
  3. Well-Trained and Educated Youth Coaches

Transferable Fitness and Sport Skills

Researchers have cautioned that children are spending more time in front of screens, and doing less spontaneous outdoor active play1 than previous generations. Therefore, ensuring that children are sufficiently active when playing organized sport (i.e., soccer) is vital. Sportball Soccer classes are designed to be fast-paced, so that children are active from start to finish. Classes are led by high-energy coaches through a continuous flow of skills, drills, and games. Children can recreate these activities with family members in their own backyards, homes, or at local parks– further encouraging their creativity and fitness levels. Additionally, many of the basic gross- motor and sport skills that children learn in our soccer classes (e.g., running, kicking, passing, coordination) enhance their overall physical literacy, and are transferable to other team and individual sports. In other words, our young soccer players are well equipped to try other school-based or organized sports.

Progressive Skill Development Opportunities

At Sportball, we know that from a very young age – some children are naturally coordinated and excel at sports more than others. These children stand-out to parents and fellow athletes, and they often receive more attention and one-on-one feedback from coaches – drawing an even larger divide between these players and those with less natural ability. At Sportball, every child is led through a series of gross-motor and soccer skills in a progressive and individual manner – building upon skills successfully mastered in earlier classes. While kids are challenged to develop and improve their soccer skills such as passing, controlled throw-ins, dribbling and goalkeeping, kids only play game-like scrimmages or  ‘small-sided games,’ where scores are not kept, and children take turns cycling through different positions. This non-competitive environment ensures that children who are less skilled are not left behind. Instead, we emphasize the rules of fair play and the ethics of good sportsmanship so that kids can have fun, take chances, and feel safe while they learn to play soccer.

Well-Trained and Educated Youth Coaches

Finally at Sportball, we leave the coaching to the professionals. While we encourage parents to attend practices and support their children from the sidelines or alongside them in our Parent and Child classes, each of our classes are led by well- trained coaches – many of which have been at Sportball for several consecutive years, and specialize in working with young children. When coaches join the Sportball team, they go through an extensive education and training program, which includes 100’s of hours of coach education, and on the field practical training and guidance with mentor coaches. Throughout this training, coaches learn how to deliver our methodology called Coaching with Purpose – which ensures that all instructions and activities have a specific purpose and expected outcome. While our main focus is for kids to have fun and be active, we also understand the power that sport has to foster other important life and social skills (such as teamwork, perseverance, and being a leader), and we take advantage of teachable moments on the soccer field to teach them.

What Soccer Program Should I Sign my Child up For?

  1. SOCCER MULTI-SPORT (16 months to 12 years): Children are introduced to soccer as part of our signature Multi-Sport program which is offered year-round Indoor or Outdoor.
  2. SOCCER PARENT & CHILD (2 years to 3 years): Depending on the season and location, we also offer Parent & Child and Me & My Dad (Moms are welcome) Indoor and Outdoor Soccer classes.
  3. SOCCER DROP-OFF (3 years to 12 years): In our Drop-Off Indoor or Outdoor Soccer classes, children learn Soccer fundamentals in a supportive non-competitive setting.

To learn more, or to register, visit us at: https://www.sportball.ca/soccer/

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