Blog Post Block Definitions

Below are the various style definitions (font, weight, colour, size) for the text block tags. To apply a tag to text, simply select your text in the editor and then select the style you would like from the dropdown on the left corner of the editor:

You can also click the buttons next to the dropdown for these standard formats:

This is bolded text.

This is italicized text.

This is an unordered list:

  • This is item one.
  • This is item two.
  • This is item three.

This is an ordered list:

  1. This is item one.
  2. This is item two.
  3. This is item three.

This is block quote text. It’s great for adding a highlight to your text.

These are the style tags for the drop down:

This is Heading 1 (H1)

This is Heading 2 (H2)

This is Heading 3 (H3)

This is Heading 4 (H4)

You can also embed items such as images and YouTube and Vimeo videos in the body of text. In the case of images, you have the ability to wrap text to the left or right of the embedded item. Here is an example of an image that is embedded and aligned to the right:

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Similarily, it is easy to embed a video. Here is a video that was taken from the Sportball Vimeo channel:

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