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Sportball Kids (ages 16mos-5)

Sportball Junior (16 mos - 2 yrs)

Hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and football

This 45-minute program is a perfect introduction to Sportball. Children and parents participate in sports, creative games, songs, rhymes, stories, bubble time and much more. Although these programs focus more on exploration, children will be introduced to a different sport each week. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child and challenge them according to their skill level.

Parent & Child/Me & My Dad (ages 2-5)

Hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and football

Parents and caregivers can have a direct hand in a preschooler’s development through our range of Multi-Sport programs. Sportball Junior, Parent & Child and Me & My Dad programs teach children important introductory physical skills and help them develop confidence in their abilities. The programs also help adults understand proven teaching techniques that can be applied outside of Sportball classes. Classes focus on refining, rehearsing and repeating skills and playing games in a fun, creative, non-competitive environment. Classes are conducted once a week in 45-minute sessions – just the right length of time for active little minds and bodies.

Sportball Bigkids (ages 3-10)

Multi-Sport (ages 3-10)

Hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and football

Sportball Multi-Sport skills development programs introduce preschool and primary school children to the concepts and skills involved in the eight core sports of the Sportball methodology. Classes are conducted once a week in one-hour sessions, using developmentally appropriate methods to introduce, practice and refine gross motor skills. The programs reinforce the benefits of teamwork and skills development rather than the importance of winning, enabling children to gain the confidence and develop the social skills necessary to succeed in sport and life.

Sport-specific Classes (ages 3-10)

soccer, inline skating, floor hockey, tennis & basketball
private bike-riding lessons are available in some areas

For those looking to apply some focus to their child’s fundamental skills, a number of sport-specific Sportball programs are available. Certified Sportball coaches further develop key skills for a chosen sport. Skills are developed in a confidence-building, non-competitive atmosphere.

Seasonal Clinics (ages 5-10)

soccer, hockey, tennis or basketball

Seasonal Sportball clinics provide a great change of pace for children during school holidays. Focusing on a single sport –soccer, hockey, tennis or basketball, our certified coaches teach more advanced skills and provide opportunities to refine, rehearse and repeat them.

Sportball Fitkids (ages 6-12)

overall fitness and health

Sportball Fitkids is a new fun, functional, fitness program for kids ages 6–12. Building on our strength in non-competitive sports instruction for children, we have developed a new program that will help children improve their overall fitness and health. By incorporating key body movements, this integrated functional training program will help to build flexibility, stability and strength. Studies have proven that Fitkids perform better in school.

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Sportball Camps (ages 3-10)

sports, arts and crafts, snack time, stories, music, co-operative games and theme days

What a fantastic experience for a child! Available in full-day sessions as well as morning or afternoon half-day sessions. Sportball camps focus on the eight core Sportball sports, arts and crafts, snack time, stories, music, co-operative games and theme days. Camps are run outdoors and indoors, depending on the location and weather.

Sportball Outdoor Soccer (ages 2-8)

throw-ins, dribbling, trapping, passing, goalie skills and more

Sportball coaches develop competence and confidence on the field in Sportball soccer classes. Children are taught the fundamental skills necessary to excel in soccer. These include throw-ins, dribbling, trapping, passing, goalie skills and more. Classes are dedicated to skills development and putting those skills to work in an exciting, non-competitive game. For safety reasons, parents are required to remain at the field during classes.

Adapted Sportball (ages 5-17)

soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, and golf

At Sportball we believe that good health and fitness achieved through sport is essential for everyone. The Adapted Sportball program provides an array of skill-building opportunities for participants with additional needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and other developmental delays. This program was created by modifying and adapting the Sportball methodology to suit the needs of each participant. The instruction and approach are closely monitored and regularly evaluated. The children and young adults that participate in Adapted Sportball are able to enhance their physical and social skills, improve their self-image and self-concept, while developing their attention and listening skills.

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Non-Seasonal Programs

  • Sportball at School (ages 2-12)

    Sportball runs many lunchtime, after school and in-school programs for both pre-schoolers and school age children. We would be delighted to introduce Sportball to your school. If you would like more information, or to arrange for a skills demonstration session, please contact us.

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  • Special Events (ages 2–12)

    Whether you are having a professional development day at school, community picnic, team celebration or any other special occasion, Sportball would be pleased to run a high energy, skills focused event for your group. For more information, please contact us.

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  • Birthday Parties (ages 2–10)

    Sportball offers high-energy, action-packed birthday parties for children two to ten years old. Parties can be booked for one hour or 1.5 hour celebrations. Kids enjoy a variety of sports and supervised games in a safe, structured environment. Festivities finish off with a traditional birthday celebration. The kids will need to catch their breath before they can blow out the candles!

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