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About Locations

  • Why set my primary Sportball Location?

    Your location preference will be used to display Sportball programs in your area. The radius setting allows you to include other Sportball locations within a radial distance in km. Setting your primary Sportball Location will also show other Sportball Locations within your set radial distance from the primary Sportball Location. In order to view schedules you must set a primary Sportball Location!

  • How do I set my primary Sportball Location?

    To set your primary Sportball Location, click on “Schedules & Registration” and input (into option 1) your home, office address or any other address that will allow you to conveniently access your primary Sportball location. This will allow you to filter by radius and season. Once you’ve established your primary Sportball Location, click the “Set as my Sportball Location” link to save your preferences. This preference will be remembered when you revisit the site. This will then take you to the “Schedules & Registration” page.

  • How do I see locations for a particular season only?

    To filter Sportball locations by season, please select a season from the dropdown menu.

  • How do locations differ by season?

    Sportball programs are offered in various venues throughout the year. During summer months, it is common for locations to move outdoors to public parks etc. During colder months, programs are generally hosted at indoors locations such as churches and community centres.